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Boiler Servicing

gas safety landlords certificate

What does a boiler service involve?

A boiler service will vary depending on the age of your boiler and the requirements following certain tests.  Our engineers will carry out all the necessary checks including checking the combustion of the boiler, making sure your system has no gas leaks and making sure your boiler is safe to use.

How often should i get a service done?

It's recommended that you get your boiler serviced annually. A faulty boiler can be very dangerous and also not carrying out an annual service can invalidate your boiler warranty. Having an annual check can also help avoid future breakdowns with your central heating system. 

I'm a landlord, what do i need?

As a landlord you will need to have an annual inspection on all your gas appliances, for a Landlords gas safety certificate (or CP12 as it is also commonly known) to be issued.

What happens if there's a problem found with my boiler?

Sometimes problems will show up when we come to service the boiler, which obviously you don't want to see, but is the reason we carry out the checks that we do. If this happens we will explain what we need to do and to get your boiler operating safely again and what the additional costs will be. If the nature of the fault is a danger to life or property the appliance would need to be disconnected until rectified.

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